This Book Contains the Concepts of 19 New Inventions: Storage Wheel And Battery Combination, Smart Grid Backup

 Power, Two Greatly Improved Electric Motors Using neo-magnets And a Microcontroller  For Pulsed Digital Motor.  New Type

 Hybrid 3 Storage System Car, Wireless Retractable Tire Studs, Safe Beta Nuclear Battery, New Active Solar Power, Cold Suit For

 Solders, using a special pcold chip, New (Rev. amazing) Type Rotary Engine, A New Type of Passenger Jet that can use a Combination of MHD AND FUEL CELLS


They have recently discovered a jet fuel that can be used in fuel cells.

Even many more Concepts for the Future Will Come From These Inventions That Will Spark Minds.

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The engine below uses Axiom one and two of Einstein's special theory of relativity which allows it to have constant acceleration up to near light speeds or Faster we are using Electrical energy, no chemical or liquid fuel in this necessary system. We may

also call the fuel IP mix. Gallium, IN, a Fluid Type Drive Using. ..LIQUID metal. Much More Powerful and Faster Than  EM DRIVE!

   Closed Loop Space Propulsion New Faster Approach: The next Step in Space Travel  Amazon-Closed Loop Space Propulsion  This system uses Neo-Mag... New third Generation magnets.


       I could only use ceramic magnets at the time of utube video. Those were the most powerful I could accumulate at that time.




If you pick up a rock and throw it you impart a force on the rock and force equals mass times acceleration (this is a basic law of physics) the rock will accelerate up to a certain velocity and not go faster because the force cannot catch up to the rock itself. You would have to run behind the rock and give it the same net force continuously. That you had given it when you first thrust it.

But with a close system the force moves along with the engine (CSSE) which is attached to the space ship spacecraft or a satellite correctional system (a particular non-disclosed design). The force moves together with a group of close systems that I will discuss in my books and will reveal knowledge of their construction and how to design a master MHD close system propulsion array MHD tech. pre-pulsars fluid mass system I called a transporter which will be able to transport about 8 to 10 passengers to Mars once every two years and it should take only about one or two days although this may seem incredible, the whole system has 3 parts sent into space and linked buy AI. I have tested a prototype of small MHD micro-pulser. This type of inertial propulsion has proven to work. But these devices of the sub transporter will be called micro propulsions they can be created for only one's own use if desired, but not for distribution or sale by any form of entity; such as government are personable design. Engines and text are copyright protected and owned by Aproach Devices and Elliot Systems. John F Roach. The power source can be either an RTG or beta atomic batteries of some kind or by some other benign source such as Solar.  These are often used in space crafts and satellite correctional systems. Of course other types are poss... We are asking for some form of collective infestment or if only interest in Minds. 


                             These  are finally beginning to see the light of day, by the educated but open minded. CSSP Closed System Propulsion. Coming. A work in progress......My be possible: A one-day trip to Mars every two years. constant acceration in space uses axiom 1 and 2 of SR. ENSTIEN






                          These other Fluid drives below are seeing the light of day. They do work  and also, have constant acceleration.

3 section to Mars in 1 day, Investors may contact William Elliott. Contribute/Invest (English)             Conttribuirpls/invertir (Español)    (English)   NEW!!!